Guild rules

Pugging and loot.


I want to make everyone aware that if you pug we will have a chance to get 1 or more less items to drop from the bosses we kill as a group.

The boss drops items calculated for the people eligible to loot the boss, therefore if a few members have allready pugged it and looted it, the boss will drop less items for the raidgroup.

I therefore urge people to not pug content we will do in that raidlockout, if you do want to pug however please do this on tuesday as wednesday everything resets anyway (and the last raidday of the lockout is monday).


Oki Im clearify something here as well.
As long as we are doing normal or hc, we will most likely kill stuff pretty fast, which means we are able to reset instance each reset.Aka we want as much as loot possible dropping for the raid grp

But getting into mythic we are bound to get resets where will exstand raids, cause we are after progress, not loot. Loot is just a bonus. In these senarios U can ask an officer or me if u can pug the bosses we have not killed that reset, but only those who are behind the currect progressed boss,NOT ahead boss, unless its a thuesday.

Now another point regarding pugging which is very important.
If your a pug leader, always set lootrules ahead beofre starting invs, always say if gear is reserved and such. Be clear beofre starting the grp as well. Be fair. Remember that you are now repersenting our guild name.

If your bring the guild name in any BAD light towards the wow community, I guarantee you I will NOT be merciful and the happy trigger finger on /gkick is not far away


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